Monday, June 25, 2012

The Great Historical Games Project List

Below is the master list of games I'll be watching for my annual off-season research project.  For now, it's more aspirational than actual, as there's no guarantee I'll be able to find all these matches or have the time to watch all of them.  Please, if you've stumbled by, do suggest additions, subtractions, or adjustments.  My only requirement for a game to be added to the list is that it mean something, either to hockey history as a whole or to a particular community of fans, so there are no wrong answers:  if it was memorable for you, it's probably worth mentioning.  As I watch and write the games, I'll add links into the list.  

February 26, 2006:  Sweden vs. Finland, Olympic Men's Gold Medal Game
November 22, 2003:  Canadiens vs. Oilers, Heritage Classic
February 21, 2002:  Canada vs. United States, Olympic Women's Gold Medal Game
May 10, 2001:  Penguins vs. Sabres, Eastern Conference Semifinal, Game 7
May 26, 2000:  Devils vs. Flyers, Eastern Conference Final, Game 7
May 8, 2000:  Leafs vs. Devils, Eastern Conference Semifinal, Game 6
May 4, 2000:  Flyers vs. Penguins, Eastern Conference Semifinal, Game 4
June 19, 1999:  Sabres vs. Stars, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
February 20, 1998:  Czech Republic vs. Canada, Olympic Men's Semifinal Game
June 5, 1997:  Red Wings vs. Flyers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 3 (series?)
April 29, 1997: Oilers vs. Stars, Western Conference Quarterfinal, Game 7 (series?)
March 26, 1997:  Avalanche vs. Red Wings
May 16, 1996:  Blues vs. Wings, Eastern Conference Semifinal, Game 7
June 24, 1995:  Devils vs. Red Wings, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4
December 30, 1994:  Canada vs. Czech Republic, World Jr. Hockey Championships
June 14, 1994:  Canucks vs. Rangers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 7 (series?)
May 27, 1994:  Devils vs. Rangers, Eastern Conference Final, Game 7
May 25, 1994:  Rangers vs. Devils, Eastern Conference Final, Game 6
June 3, 1993:  Kings vs. Canadiens, Stanley Cup Final, Game 2
May 29, 1993:  Kings vs. Leafs, Campbell Conference Final, Game 7
May 27, 1993:  Kings vs. Leafs, Campbell Conference Final, Game 6
May 14, 1993:  Islanders vs. Penguins, Patrick Division Final, Game 7
April 16, 1991:  Oilers vs. Flames, Smythe Division Semifinal, Game 7
March 30, 1991:  Northern Michigan vs. Boston University, NCAA Div. 1 Final
January 4, 1991:  Canada vs. USSR, World Junior Hockey Championships
May 15, 1990:  Oilers vs. Bruins, Stanley Cup Final, Game 1
May 25, 1989:  Flames vs. Canadiens, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
May 11, 1989:  Canadiens vs. Flyers, Prince of Wales Conference Final, Game 6
April 21, 1988:  Oilers vs. Flames, Smythe Division Final, Game 2
September 11-15, 1987:  USSR vs. Canada, Canada Cup, Final Round
May 31, 1987:  Flyers vs. Oilers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 7
May 28, 1987:  Oilers vs. Flyers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
May 14, 1987:  Flyers vs. Canadiens, Prince of Wales Conference Final, Game 6
April 18, 1987: Islanders vs. Capitals, Patrick Division Semifinal, Game 7
May 24, 1986:  Canadiens vs. Flames, Stanley Cup Final, Game 5
May 12, 1986:  Flames vs. Blues, Campbell Conference Final, Game 6
April 30, 1986:  Flames vs. Oilers, Smythe Division Final, Game 7
May 30, 1985:  Flyers vs. Oilers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 5
May 19, 1984:  Islanders vs. Oilers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 5
May 15, 1984:  Islanders vs. Oilers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 3
May 10, 1984:  Oilers vs. Islanders, Stanley Cup Final, Game 1
April 20, 1984:  Nordiques vs. Canadiens, Adams Division Final, Game 6
September 13, 1984:  Canada vs. USSR, Canada Cup Semifinal Game
May 17, 1983:  Oilers vs. Islanders, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4 (series?)
April 10, 1982:  Oilers vs. Kings, Smythe Division Semifinal, Game 3
XXXX XX, 1982:  Islanders vs. Penguins, First Round, Game ?
XXXX XX, 1981:  Canadiens vs. Oilers, First Round, Game 3 (whole series?)
December 30, 1981:  Flyers vs. Oilers
February 22, 1980:  USSR vs. United States, Olympic Men's Gold Medal Game
May 10, 1979:  Bruins vs. Canadiens, Wales Conference Semifinal, Game 7
May 14, 1977:  Canadiens vs. Bruins, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4
May 16, 1976:  Canadiens vs. Flyers, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4 (series?)
February 7, 1976:  Bruins vs. Leafs
January 11, 1976:  CSKA Moscow vs. Flyers, Super Series 1976
December 31, 1975:  CSKA Moscow vs. Canadiens, Super Series 1976
September 17- October 6, 1974:  WHA vs. USSR, Summit Series
May 19, 1974:  Flyers vs. Bruins, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
May 11, 1972:  Rangers vs. Bruins, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
September 2-28, 1972:  Canada vs. Soviet Union, Summit Series 
May 18, 1971:  Canadiens vs. Blackhawks, Stanley Cup Final, Game 7
May 10, 1970:  Blues vs. Bruins, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4
XXXX XX, 1969:  Canadiens vs. Blues, Game ?
May 9, 1968:  Canadiens vs. Blues, Stanley Cup Final, Game 3
April 25, 1967:  Canadiens vs. Leafs, Stanley Cup Final, Game 3
XXXX XX, 1966:  Some Bruins Game
XXXX XX, 1965:  Marek's Memorial Cup Game
April 23, 1964:  Leafs vs. Red Wings, Stanley Cup Final, Game 6
XXXX XX, 1964:  Canadiens vs. Leafs, Semifinal, Game 7
March 26, 1961:  Canadiens vs. Blackhawks, Semifinal, Game 3
April 14, 1960:  Canadiens vs. Leafs, Stanley Cup Final, Game 4
November 1, 1959:  Canadiens vs. Rangers
April 16, 1954:  Canadiens vs. Wings, Stanley Cup Final, Game 7
April 21, 1951:  Leafs vs. Canadiens, Stanley Cup Final, Game 5
April 23, 1950:  Rangers vs. Red Wings, Stanley Cup Final, Game 7
March 24, 1936:  Red Wings vs. Maroons, Stanley Cup Semifinal, Game 1


Unknown said...

I see you added the St. Louis Blues Cup Finals against the Canadiens in 1968 and 1969. Game #3 of the '68 final showcased Glenn Hall's goaltending in a losing effort.

Why are these 2 years important? The St. Louis Blues advanced to the finals in the 3 years after expansion. The series shows just how strong the original 6 teams were, and the Canadiens in particular. Despite efforts, such as the expansion draft, to make sure the teams were competitive, it would take years before the new teams could compete.

Any game you view in the late 60's will also demonstrate how much cleaner the game was. Yes it was rough but you'll see far less cheap shots and needless pushing and face washing after a whistle. That got ushered in as the league entered the 70's and fights per game started to increase.

Bruce said...

Wow, great list. Incomplete, of course ...

re: Leafs/Kings '93, watch Game 6 and Game 7. The OT in Game 6 has burned Kerry Fraser's effigy into Leaf lore forever since.

1987 Canada Cup Final. All three games. If only one of them, Game Two. But srsly, all 3. Wayne & Mario vs. the Green Unit.

1987 Stanley Cup Finals, Oilers-Flyers Game 2. Best live game I ever saw.

1981 Oilers-Habs, watch the whole series if you can find it (and tell me where you located it if so). An amazing & utterly convincing upsetting of the applecart that needs the whole 180 minutes to have full effect. Young Gretzky nearing the pinnacle. Some folks thought this series set the stage for the PQ election win days later. (See Peter Gzowski's The Game Of Our Lives)

1976 Canada Cup, Canada-Czechoslovakia, Game 2 of Finals. Darrell Sittler goes wide on Vladimir Dzurilla

1976 Jan 11 -- Flyers-Central Red Army. "They're going home!"

1972 Bruins-Rangers Game 6 -- one-legged Bobby Orr finishes off the Broadway Blueshirts with a virtuoso performance.

1970 Bruins-Blues Game 4 -- the only close game of the series, Orr scores & soars.

1969 meh -- mismatch.

1968 Habs-Blues -- Game 3 was my favourite, esp when Red Berenson stole the puck from JC Tremblay to tie it up in the third and Gump Worsley had conniptions. One of my favourite hockey memories ever. Haven't seen it since, but would love to.

1967 Leafs-Habs Game 3 -- Game 6 is the famous one, but the double OT was best game of the series.

1964 Leafs-Habs Game 7 -- The whole series was terrific, but Johnny Bower (with help from Dave Keon's hat trick) stealing Game 7 right in the Forum was the stuff of legend.

1961 Hawks-Habs Game 3 -- Toe Blake was so incensed after Habs lost 2-1 in triple OT that he "slugged" referee Dalton McArthur, earning (& then some) a $2,000 fine. This one is slightly before my time, to go much further would be hearsay. :)

That's still an incomplete list, though ...

Bruce said...

Darryl Sittler, dammit.

Greg said...

That's a lot of hockey to watch. I see games 1 and 5 of Oilers/Isles 84 final are on the list but game 3 is the game of the series. The Oilers fell behind and it looked like it could be a repeat of 83. But then Messier scored that goal and the Oilers never looked back. That was the start of their dynasty.

Dirk Hoag said...

I was glad to see you have the Wings/Avs March 26, 1997 game on there. For my money, it's the greatest regular season game I've ever seen, and it was the first time I covered a game with press access. What a freaking zoo that was.

rmiriam12 said...

I'd echo Bruce with his suggestion of
the 1976 -- Flyers-Central Red Army. game.

Also- the entire 1987 Stanley Cup series was pretty fun, but don't see Game 6 on the list anywhere. Best game of the series, IMO.

Elliott said...

2006 Playoffs, Sabres vs Senators Game 1. A Sabres team that no one expected to be good that took the league by storm in the Second half, except for the fact that they had the absolute hardest time beating the Senators that season. The game was one of the most back and forth craziest things I have ever seen between 2 teams that had one of the more intense 2 year rivalries coming out of the lockout.

Chris said...

As a Blues fan I remember watching this game as a kid. The "Monday Night Miracle". May 12, 1986: Flames vs. Blues, Campbell Conference Semifinal, Game 6. One of the greatest Blues games of all time.

saskhab said...

Uh, if you want to properly bookend Patrick Roy's career, watch Game 3 of the 1986 Wales Conference Finals vs. the New York Rangers.

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This one is slightly before my time, to go much further would be hearsay.

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Uzair said...

Hey Ellen some of these games are up on youtube or google video or even Hulu. Would be a good idea to link to them. Hopefully the amount up expands as hockey vids online grow (wasn't even possible a decade ago, no youtube or people watching streaming vids in good quality).

Lots of recent full games up on YT as well that are worth mentioning imo even if some of them were just regular season games but they were good ones. The Phi-Pit series stands out for me this season.

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Well Martin Brodeur records his 24th career playoff shutout, moving past Patrick Roy for the most in NHL history.

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