Friday, May 28, 2010

In Other News...

For those of you who didn't know, I'd written something for The Walrus a few months back.

And another one, just now.

Further blogging in a couple of days, but man that was tiring.


DarkoV said...

Ms. E,
Read your "Ice Houses of the Holy"
Read the June's Walrus Cover Story, Whose Game is it?.
Still trying to figure out why yours wasn't the cover story.

Sublime and superb. Brought up distant memories of watching a Quebec Juniors game in the old dark, dank, and dangerous Verdun Arena.

You truly are a gem.

wych said...

That "Ice Houses of the Holy" article is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I am strongly reminded of the style of Ken Dryden's "The Game". Thank you for that.

Jeff J said...

"One Shot" was profound. Why didn't you tell us about it sooner??

"Ice Houses" was just a great read, if a little bit flattering toward the end. It makes me want to hit the ice and play. Seriously.

E said...

as always, thanks for the kind words.

i agree that ice houses is quite 'flattering', but it's very sincere. which is, i think, why it needed to be a response rather than the cover story. let's face it, arguing that canada has a unique and irreplacable relationship with hockey isn't exactly a difficult case to make. macfarlane took the contrarian position, in some way my piece just reaffirms a more classic narrative- albeit one i happen to feel strongly about.