Saturday, November 03, 2007

11-3-07: Maple Leafs 3, Canadiens 2

Just a quickie recap tonight, since A) I am extremely tired and have to be up far too early tomorrow, even with daylight savings time; and B) that was not a very interesting game.

1. Someone whose astrological skills are sharper than mine needs to do a chart for the night- something or other must be in retrograde, causing imbalances in the unseen forces that govern hockey luck. How else do you explain losing a game off not just one, but two deflections into one’s own net? It’s not something to blame Streit and Dandenault for, per se, it does happen to even the best players every now and then, and in neither case was it one of those really egregious, hate-worthy examples of scoring on yourself. It’s comforting, in a way, I can spin it reassuringly: Leafs don’t beat Habs, Habs beat Habs.

2. Except for Kaberle. He whomps our ass straight up.

3. And anyway, everybody knows that a night where Komisarek gets a goal is no ordinary night. We are talking, after all, about a guy who set a personal record last year with four goals all season. Whoo-hoo! I feel like this is an occasion that deserves celebrating, in spite of the loss, just because it’s so rarely seen. Cupcakes all around, on the house.

4. Higgins ratio of goals to great chances is hovering somewhere around 1:483 at this point, and I can’t decide if it really is just incessant bad mojo, or if there’s some kind of fatal flaw in his game that I’m not catching. It certainly looks like he’s soooo close, soooo often, that it has to be purely rotten luck keeping his numbers from jumping dramatically, but he’s been this way since the midpoint of last season. There’s gotta be a reason for it that I just haven’t been able see yet.

5. Although the shots on goal were very close, and there was decent exchange of chances, it must be said that Toskala looked qualitatively a hell of a lot sharper than Huet tonight. Even leaving aside the deflections, Cristobal seemed off- his puck-playing errors more conspicuous, his timing a little behind. Which is not to say he didn’t make some beauty saves, he certainly did, but more of them than usual were of the that-didn’t-have-to-be-as-hard-as-it-looked variety.

6. Latendresse mic’ed for the game. Kid apparently is incapable of speech, and communicates entirely in whoops and howls- the universal language of hockey.

Am I the only one who found that a little bit blah, for a Habs-Leafs game? Is it just the fatigue talking? Should I rewatch it later in the week after a strong cup of coffee and see if it’s more exciting? I can’t even pinpoint why it left me so cold, maybe I just have very high expectations for these matches, but in spite of it being a pretty close, pretty fast (for Toronto) game, I just wasn’t into it. I’m not even particularly upset about the loss.

That said, if they lose on the 13th, I’m going to throw an epic hissy fit.

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Doogie said...

I thought the game was reasonably entertaining, final result notwithstanding. The inconsistent finish, especially on the top line, though...gah. Maddening. I remember thinking at one point that if Saku had played for the late 80s/early 90s Habs that went to the Finals three times in eight years, he'd be a perennial 100-point man and, community contributions and Masterton Trophy comeback tossed in, a candidate for number retirement.

Oh, and this game also cost me my fantasy hockey matchup for the week. Fuck you, Toronto.