Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-30-07: Thrashers 3, Canadiens 2

The Canadiens took this game to overtime, and therefore got one point. They should be forced to give that point back. That point was not merely stolen, that point was hijacked. Armed robbery-ed. Grand theft standings-point. Interpol should be called, a special envoy appointed, the American government should demand that the Montreal Canadians give that point back because it is not theirs.

1. Generally speaking, most of the things fans yell in a game are not good hockey analysis. You know how it is, you yell random shit mostly to make yourself feel better and vent frustration, not because you actually believe it’s a clever or insightful thing to say. But there is a sort of simple wisdom in some of the things screamed from the stands mid-game; for example, “SHOOT!!!!!!”. Yes, ahbabi, you do sometimes have to shoot the puck at the net in order to get goals. Sure, sometimes you don’t, sometimes some errant pass will fortunately get deflected in, but that’s not a great strategy overall. But apparently the Habs have gotten so enamored of their newfound scoring ability that they think they can afford to wait for glamorous opportunities. They can’t. By the third period they seemed to have figured that out, but it really shouldn’t have taken that long.

2. Price gets his first consecutive start and first home start, makes a very valiant effort and gets very little help. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cristobal Huet, kid.

3. I love having a good power play, I do. Honestly, I don’t know that I could live without it after last season, no matter how much the even-strength play improved. But I don’t want to be dependent on it again, I don’t want to have to spend every game waiting for the opposition to do something stupid, and moreover to do something stupid 8-10 times in order to make a win possible. It’s one thing to flourish with a little extra space, it’s another to need it to win.

Really, there isn’t much that can, or should, be said about such an ugly, stupid, ridiculously uninspiring game. In fact, let’s just take the point and never speak of this again. Some things are better forgotten.


rananda said...

"shoot" is almost always the least intelligent admonishment shouted by almost always the least knowledgeable fans.

your kovalev annoyance meter is surprisingly absent now that kovy is leading the team in goals and scoring unassisted power play tallies with the same frequency that michael ryder rifles a shot over the net.

E said...

oh, i don't know about that. i've heard a good number of things shouted from the stands that were considerably less intelligent than 'SHOOT!'.

and it's not really surprising at all that the kovalev annoyance meter is absent, is it? i suppose i could say that it's absent because i'm not annoyed with him in any particular way right now, but what you are quite correctly implying is that his current performance puts me in the awkward position of having a player for whom i have a preexisting dislike playing dramatically well. it poses some difficult questions: is his current performance worth putting some faith in him, recanting my previous statements, maybe even redeveloping a little sure-he's-a-tool-but-he's-my-tool kind of affection for him? or am i only going to be disappointed again if it turns out that this is just a brief flurry of interest before his chronic ennui reasserts itself? and is it sufficient to acknowledge his achievements while nevertheless maintaining a personal distaste for the man? or am i obligated, in some way, to like anyone who produces for my team? such conundra, what's a girl to do?