Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Agricultural Revolution

Adult Habs? Meh.

Baby Habs? Brilliant.

Tonight, one night after the giving of the Big Shiny in Anaheim, the Bulldogs took home the Little Shiny in Hamilton. I haven't been following the boys on the farm particularly closely, so I'd advise you to check out Eyes on the Prize, Current Habs History, Habs Inside/Out, and (somewhat ironically) Scarlett Ice for more in the way of in-depth analysis. But even I, as ill-informed as I am on the doings of the AHL, can say one definitive thing about this victory: herewith begins- officially- the beatification of Carey Price, the Expected One.

2007-2008 is going to be a very, very interesting season in Habistan.


Doogie said...

So I guess the question becomes: how soon does the kid find his way to the NHL? Are we going to see a repeat of the Patrick Roy story, right down to Christobal Huet playing the role of Steve Penney, or is something a little more sane going to happen? (What that would be, I haven't the foggiest: the Habs' young goalie situation is a bit absurd, when you look at it.) Certainly, many of the kids on the farm, especially those who played with the big team at any point during the year, are on their way to bigger and better things in the near future.

Sherry said...

You know what's interesting? Patrick Roy and Carey Price might be on very similar career paths but I think their personalities couldn't have been more different. I went to the Bulldogs rally today and as the emcees were talking about him and the crowd was chanting his name, he sort of had this expression of, 'This is nice but I'd rather be in bed'.

E said...

yeah, everyone seems to be very impressed with price's down-to-earthness and common sense. really, i don't doubt that he'd be perfectly capable of playing in the nhl next year, but i don't think he will except maybe for a few games as an injury-replacement call-up. no matter how fantastic he is in training camp, he'll start next year as the #1 in hamilton. gainey's a pretty conservative guy, and as cool as it would be to see price come up quickly, he's got to think in terms of necessity and what's best long-term. and right now, it's not necessary to bring price up- there's no disadvantage to going into next season with huet and halak, they're both plenty good, and i think people are too quick to forget that halak was himself the best goalie in the ahl last season, which should still count for something. and there's a real, if small, risk of damaging The Expected One if you bring him up too soon and it goes badly- even if it's not at all his fault, if the team gets off to a lame start with him in net... ugh, that'd be bad for everyone. my guess is that, unless injuries or totally miserable play knock out one of the h's, price won't get a regular spot with the habs until huet leaves at ufa time. not a very sexy storyline, but it seems like the most logical one. anyway, in the best of all possible worlds, the spectre of price laying in wait to steal their jobs will be a real motivator for h & h.

of course, that all could change if gainey can only get some other player he wants by offering an h in a trade, which does seem to be a favorite topic of speculation now that carey-mania is taking off. i guess it's reasonable, there are a lot of teams with goalie problems these days, and really, who can fathom the inscrutable ways of gainey anyhow?

and sherry, didn't a bunch of players on that survey a while back mention 'naps' as the best thing about their job? i think a healthy appreciation for sleep over celebrity is one of the hallmarks of future nhl success.

Julian said...

hey now, let's not forget that there are two players on that club with Oiler affiliations, Bodie and Stortini. Stortini even played a few games for the oilers this season, if i recall correctly.

Which may be wrong, i'm doing my best to forget this season ever happened.

Doogie said...

Sherry: I've noticed Price's demeanor, too, in the limited amount I've seen him play. Unlike Roy, who'd throw his stick in anger, and was all too willing to jump into a fray if it looked like a good opportunity, Price seems like the type to stand in his crease, resting his head on his stick Dryden-style, and wait for the storm to pass.

E: That's pretty much my thinking, too (though pretty much what happened to Roy ;) ). There's no sense in forcing him into action, then having his confidence shattered or having his game "figured out" too early, while he's still young. Tomas Vokoun was once in the Habs' system. He was called up too early, had a couple of bad games, and was buried again until the expansion draft, when Nashville gave him a second chance. A year spent dominating the AHL, like Halak did, will probably do him a world of good.

Julian: He was actually up for about half the season, and MacT seemed to like him for the most part. I have no idea what his future holds WRT the NHL, but it's nice to see at least one Oiler succeed this year.