Sunday, March 11, 2007

Technical Difficulties & Personality Disorders

Sorry about the irregularity of posting lately. My access to blogger has been a little unreliable for some reason, but worse perhaps is that my brain has been extremely unreliable. Don't know why, really, but I've been starting a lot of posts that I don't finish. The past couple of weeks, I can't seem to find the proper perspective on anything- too much real life, not enough hockey, or maybe just too close of an affinity between the two. Thus far I've tended to use things from the rest of the world as lenses on the sport, but I wonder if it's appropriate to turn it around and use hockey as a lens on the world? Does that defeat the purpose of the blog? And is there even such a thing as a 'purpose' for a blog? Or is it a necessarily pointless medium? I have the creeping feeling that I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore.

Anyway, this is just a place-holder until I figure some things out, or regain my balance, or whatever. Because I didn't just want to leave an outdated game-recap sitting at the top of the page indefinitely.


Julian said...

Don't worry about it, forcing your writing won't get you anywhere useful.

I've been meaning to properly respond to your "Balance" post, but I'm trying to think of what I wanna say. A post like that deserves a well thought out response I think.

Doogie said...

I think if you can use the rest of the world as a lens for hockey, using hockey as a lens for the world is certainly fair game. But like Julian said, don't force it.

kazmojo said...

Well, I have to admit that I was eagerly awaiting your thoughts on Saturday night's game. How you write so cogently and distill a game so quickly is beyond me. No pressure though!

I hope you don't mind some pre-emptive thoughts of my own:
1) Carbo's line tinkerings seemed to consist of this: a) keep the centres where they are; b) place a goal-scoring forward on one side; c) place a defensive forward on the other. That seemed to work for most of the game ...
2) ...until Mike Johnson left midway. Then everyone seemed all discombobulated with all the lines changing to adjust to his loss. It was almost as if they were just getting comfortable and any deviation threw them all for a loop.

kazmojo said...

As for your ruminations on the point of a blog, I guess democratizing knowledge isn't such a good thing (Wikipedia for instance).

But I think the success of bloggers is in part because the traditional sources of news information aren't doing their jobs. They either have their own agenda to push (not like bloggers don't, but that's always up front); or they face increasing profit pressures, resulting in a vapid and meaningless product.

So I have turned increasingly to bloggers to find out more about those subjects that interest me. Before, I could just pick up a reputable news source and just read it. Now, I have to pick through the myriad blogs on any given issue, and find the ones that are intelligent, articulate, and incisive.

For everything Hab-related, yours fits the bill, E. You and Sisu Hockey, anyway. So keep it coming!