Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun with the Media

This is one of my favorite Daily Show bits ever:

So imagine my delight when I discovered that this particular bit of incisive-social-criticism-cloaked-as-humor isn’t only relevant to chronicling the freakish decline of my nation, but is also relevant to hockey! Compare with the following audio clips from Habs Inside/Out, of the media interviewing the team after Tuesday’s practice, listening in particular for how they talk about Halak:



I love it- in recent days, I've seen the same question posed in more or less the same way to several other players on television, but I couldn't find any clips online. Anyway, for those of you too lazy to download, here is a basic summary:

Media Person: So, is Halak the Savior of the Canadiens?

Habs Person: What? He’s only played one game. How can he be the savior of anything?

Media Person: Oh, we’re not saying that he’s the Savior of the Candadiens. Ha ha ha, dear me, no, that would be silly, we sophisticated sports writers would never, on our own, entertain the notion that a 21-year-old AHL call-up will single-handedly turn around the Canadiens’ entire season. No siree, we’re not saying that, not at all. Umm… it’s just that other people are saying that, we just wanted to ask you what you thought of it.

Habs Person: Who’s saying that?

Media Person: Umm….uh…. well, you know, the fans. Those wacky Montreal fans, they’re so crazy sometimes. Or maybe the French media. Anyway, somebody who isn’t us is saying that, we’re just asking.

Habs Person: Oh, I see. Excuse me while I role my eyes, laugh derisively, and play along with your little charade. Yes, yes, even though I’ve yet to hear anybody but you suggest this Halak-Savior theory, and even though you’re going around the room pushing this question on everybody, I’ll politely pretend that we’re not discussing the story that you’re desperately hoping you can write about yet another instance of Montreal-Goalie-Salvation, and rather that we’re just chatting about those silly fans and their silly ideas.

Okay, so maybe I inserted a bit of my own commentary in there...


Olivier said...

I really like the notion of "Media People". I mean, it really is a helpful designation insofar that it's not calling those people "journalists".


Julian said...

hey E, how's the playing coming? Have you started? Looked into it?

E said...

you know the sad thing, olivier? i didn't realize it until you mentioned that, but i don't think i really believe in journalists anymore. not as in, i've lost faith in journalists, but as in, i don't think there is such a thing as journalists. it's as though, somewhere, sometime in the mythic past there used to be these things called journalists, like, lois lane, but nowadays we don't have those, we just have media. but that probably started long before i ever encountered the montreal hockey media.

julian- i'd been thinking about posting updates on that from time to time, but than i second-guessed myself, figuring that it's supposed to be a hockey blog, not an excruciatingly-slow-process-of-learning-to-play-hockey blog. there's your short answer anyway: it's going very, very slowly. but it is going, i suppose, so that's something.

kazmojo said...

Hey E, great post as usual. Nay, better post, if that's even possible. Your "summary" was every bit as funny as the Daily Show clip -- and I'm a Daily Show nut.

And I second your distinction between "journalists" and "media people" covering the Habs. I guess it'd be tolerable if it were just them and the idiots who eat up that crap (cuz you know they exist; just check out some of the other blogs).
Worse, they are probably singlehandedly destroying any hope the Habs have of future greatness (see Sisu Hockey's last post).

But when this same phenomenon is affecting much greater issues -- the war in Iraq, GW Bush and his ilk getting re-elected, global warming -- then we're really screwed.

Did I just say anything is more important than the Habs? Sorry, sometimes I get a little carried away...

Julian said...

Hey, that's a good answer E. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, and yeah, it's a long process.

Now's as good a time as any though, I'd imagine the outdoor rinks are still in good condition in MTL.

Doogie said...

I always thought the point of this blog was about coming to know and love and understand hockey after having absolutely no knowledge of it for most of your life. I think learning to play would be a subchapter of the larger point. I've been loving your "On..." essays because they look at things I generally take for granted from a different light, turning them over and asking the questions that a born-and-bred Canadian hockey fan would just never come up with. The perspective on learning to play -- which most of us did when we were about knee high -- could, I think, present similar possibilities.

Jordi said...

I'm not sure about everyone else but it's almost as if Komisarek should be interviewed after every single game. You can practically hear him smile. And it somehow makes me smile.