Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2-6-07: Hurricanes 2, Canadiens 1

Or, The Montreal Canadiens and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

1. This was, overall, a good game. It was at times a very pretty game, the teams were well-matched, the goaltending was spectacular on both sides. The Habs put in a good effort, especially in the 1st. But their PK isn’t what it used to be, and the calls haven’t been going in their favor. They’ve got to start playing the most pure, virtuous game in the NHL or they’re going to get crushed.

2. Facts: Samsonov is on waivers. Markov is newly injured and Begin is still injured, nothing on when either will return. Perezhogin is becoming a regular scratch. Murray, Downey, and Niinimaa are back in the lineup and, until the rest of the shit that’s going to go down goes down, will probably be staying there.

3. Gossip: Koivu is secretly injured. Higgins is secretly injured. Markov isn’t really injured. Rivet is about to be traded. Perezhogin is about to be traded. Higgins and/or Ryder are about to be traded. Carbonneau is panicking, the team is ignoring him. Souray can’t wait to leave. Discuss, ad nauseum.

These days I am not having a good relationship with hockey. It’s complicated, as it always is, but hockey is making me rant and rave and throw things, and the Lotus Sutra ain’t helping, because it turns out there’s a lot of crap that’s harder to take than mere losing. Sometimes, this sport is encased in so much hypocrisy and idiocy and cruelty and just plain bullshit that I can’t see my way clear to anything beautiful anymore. Everything that’s noble and honorable, graceful and sexy, brave and thrilling, true and moving seems to have gone totally dark lately, and even the natural drama of it gets perverted into the worst kind of soap opera. If I could, if I had the money and the time and the freedom, I would get on a plane for Nashville tonight, so I could watch a game in a peace, in a place where evidently good hockey is being played without surrounding attention. I can think of nothing sweeter right now that sitting in a half-empty arena, watching talented players in whom I have absolutely no personal interest.

I need something redemptive, and we’re not talking pull-out-the-win-in-overtime redemptive, we’re talking Higgins-hat-trick redemptive. With back-to-back Senators matches coming up, this loss, and lots of fodder for some hardcore Canadiens-themed mass-media melodrama, I’m not going to get it. So expect some depressive, angry, probably drunken posting in the next few days. It’s going to be that kind of week.


Jordi said...

... *bursts into tears*

Anonymous said...

At least Higgins showed some flash last night (but no finish). PK will right itself ...5 0n 5 is alot better lately ...I think they're turning a corner - the off ice distractions are slowing it down ...but it will come.