Saturday, February 24, 2007

2-24-07: Islanders 3, Canadiens 2

That was a pretty boring hockey game, and this is not the month for anybody to be playing boring hockey. The score more or less reflects the proportional amount of energy put in by each side. The Habs lost on a weak 2nd period that even a good 3rd period couldn’t compensate for, but the game wasn’t a slump-like disaster by any means, just rather bland.

1. The Good: Higgins, who got a nice tip-in, showed a ton of speed, and is pure perfection on the PK. Streit, who possibly has the magic power to be in two places at once. Halak, who started a little shaky but held the Habs in the game and at least bought them a chance. The new 4th line, which doesn’t score but never stops trying anyway- they’re like the Little Engine that Could, except for the fact that they couldn’t. Oh well. Koivu, who now has 9 points in 4 games. I think he’s trying to break even for the year.

2. The Bad: Dear Mr. Souray: I don’t care if you’re worried about getting traded, please stop spacing out in the middle of the game. Thanks, E. Komisarek played perhaps his most indecisive game of the year for his hometown crowd. And Bouillon wins this game’s Why Are You Making Things Harder for the Goalie?™ Prize (comes with free trial subscription to Real Simple magazine- get yourself some new window treatments, Frances.)

3. The Ugly: The Islanders’ uniforms. Ugh.

4. DiPietro’s contract may still be ludicrous, but the Isles' faith in him is looking less and less misplaced as the season wears on. Jason Blake looks eerily like Caligula in I, Claudius. I never thought I’d be able to say that about a hockey player. Also, why were there a bunch of mascots from other teams mauling a cotton-candy vendor in the stands? I’m going to have nightmares about the Canucks’ Angry Fish for weeks.

5. It must be said: I really, really love RDS. If I could, I’d never let TSN or the malevolent image of Don Cherry darken my television set again.

The Habs are irritatingly better at mounting a comeback in the standings than keeping any safe position. Early in the season they would often only play really enthusiastically after a bad loss, and when they got comfortably into that fourth-place seed they once had, they seemed to get disinterested, like it was fun when they were fighting to get there but boring to try to stay. The problem is that they’re not a good enough team to be moody. It isn’t as though when they turn on their A-game the wins pile up easily- they can play their best and still lose. So it’s frustrating, so soon after the slump, to see them go into a game looking so distracted. Even the best teams in the League now are not so good that they can count on pulling out a win with a really intense 3rd period alone, and the Habs are not among the best teams in the League.

Please, please, please ahbabi, don’t embarrass yourselves in front of Toronto. Again.


Jordi said...

I'm scared.

Though as a side note, Fin the Canucks mascot eats anything. Babies included.

alice said...

The current Islander jerseys, while rather pumpkin-like in color, aren't that bad. The Isles in the past set the bad-uniform bar impossibly high. I can't find any pictures of the blessedly short-lived "fisherman" unis, but here's a good copy of the logo. Just imagine this on a jersey, and understand the derisive chants of "fish-sticks, fish-sticks" that fill the arena when the Isles play at MSG (when the fans tire of reminding us that "Potvin sucks"!).

Doogie said...

Ask and ye shall receive.

Doogie said...

Rivet and a fifth in '08 for Gorges and a first in '07.

I guess that answers the question of which UFA D-man the Habs aren't keeping.