Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There's No Place Like...

Posting may be infrequent in the coming week(s). I am making the annual pilgrimage home, to pay my respects to family, friends, the tattered vestiges of my Christianity, and the city that made me what I am. This means my access to hockey will be considerably limited- not only will I miss several Habs games, but I may not be able to catch much of anything. The land of my birth is not a hockeyful place. To those of my fellow bloggers who read this, I’m counting on y’all to be particularly insightful, otherwise I’ll be totally lost. Still, I’ll try to put something up, should anything relevant or interesting drift my way, and of course time and tide permitting.

It’s probably healthy for me to take a short break anyway- with 57 posts in 48 days, most of them longish, this is one of the more logorrheic hockey blogs out there, and possibly I’ll give myself some sort of aneurysm if I keep up this pace. In the meantime, I’ve tried to clean this thing up a bit. The theory-posts now have their own sidebar space, as well as a few of the miscellaneous bits that I’m partial to. Plus I tagged everything. Given my ongoing attempt to do link-justice to the vast reaches of hockey-blogistan, the sidebar is now huge. But I know I’m still missing a ton of hockey blogs- please, please, please, email me or send me very strong psychic messages about the ones I’m missing, particularly in the desolate Central and Atlantic Divisions. If you’re stumbling upon this blog for the first time, welcome and please take a second to look around. Comments- even the critical variety- are, as always, appreciated.

Quiz #2 remains open. Although it has kind of become a let’s-name-all-the-crazy-shit-about-Jersey-contest, the particular bit of craziness I originally had in mind has yet to be mentioned.

On the extremely slim chance that someone reading this happens to be at the United Center come Friday, I’m the petite woman in the Canadiens shirt in the upper levels raining down scorn and derision on the Leafs, probably surrounded by an entourage of confused and bored-looking relations. Say hi.


Reality Check said...

Have a nice holiday E - I'll do what I can to leave no stone unturned in regards to the Habs.

I have noticed your frantic pace and the reaches your site is making. The harder you work at it, the better it becomes.

If I can suggest one bit of advice, think about Beta Blogger - it allows for a lot of the things you entionned in regards to where you wish to take your site.

If you recall EOTP before I swiched, you'll see what I mean.

To that end, if you have questions, or if there is any way I can help, I'm always happy yo assist.

Have a great Christmas season.


Julian said...
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Julian said...

Sorry, tried to leave this before and the link was cut off. I hope it'll work this time.

Merry Christmas to you, E. I hope everything is going well back at home. Chicago is an amazing city, and something tells me you'll be able to get tickets to a Hawks game alot easier than getting them to a Habs game.

I came across this just now
, and thought you might find it and the ensuing discussion interesting, given a couple of your blog entries on pain.

E said...

RC- dear god, i know i asked for extra insight, but wow, you can write a lot when you get going! it's going to take me another week just to read it all, and i'm not even back on the hockey-blogging clock yet. still, better to have too much to read than too little. i actually did switch to beta, i just haven't had the time to do housekeeping or add 'visual interest'. design is not my strongest suit. still, when i get a minute to work on this thing, i may send a few questions your way.

julian- that is a very interesting link. the gender angle is particularly intriguing, perhaps even more so if you bring in the question of how fans interpret pain. there's also a bit of a question raised here about whether 'real' motivations matter- if the player bears suffering for money, or because he is indoctrinated to do so, does that make the act of endurance less meaningful than if his motivation was devotion to the team or passion for the game? is it the intention or the action that is important here? anyway, a lot of thoughts to run with in there... and the hawks game was very interesting in its own way, but very frustrating too. more on that to come, once i get it typed in.

Reality Check said...

An hour after suggesting you switch, blogger got out of beta!!!

Content? Well I have tens more days to pound the keys and pour out drivel!