Saturday, December 16, 2006

Quiz #1- Guess What I'm Thinking [Complete]

Obviously this was too easy of a question, because the correct answer was offered less than 6 hours after posting, and this site doesn't get that much traffic. The next one will be more difficult!

These are the top 9 teams in the League- i.e. those with 40+ points in the standings- as of 12/15/06. I've divided them into two groups based on a certain criterion. Free cake (for those in the Montreal area) or non-perishable, as-yet-undetermined prize (for those in the rest of the world) to the first person who correctly identifies the characteristic which distinguishes the teams in Group X from those in Group Y.

Anaheim Ducks
Atlanta Thrashers
Buffalo Sabres
New York Rangers
San Jose Sharks

Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings
Montreal Canadiens
Nashville Predators

Answers may be posted in the comments section or emailed to me. Contest ends when either someone gets it right or 1/1/07, whichever comes first. No credit (other than my admiration) will be given for criteria which accurately divide the two groups, but aren't the thing I'm thinking of. You'll just have to trust me, I'm a very honest person who would never withhold cake from the deserving.


The Puck Stops Here said...

Group X contains teams that have players in the top 20 scorers (this number is arbitrary and could be raised or lowered a bit without affecting the groupings). Anaheim (Selanne), Atlanta (Hossa), Buffalo (Briere), Rangers (Jagr), San Jose (Thornton).

Group Y has no top scorers on their roster.

E said...

yep! i have obviously underestimated the audience, because that was really fast.

well, i still haven't thought of a good non-cake prize, but i'll try to come up with something email-able, since it would probably be rude to ask for shipping addresses. is there anything in particular you'd like of value comparable to a medium-sized cake?

and sorry, by the way, that this post came down and then went up again. after i saw that it'd been answered i wanted to modify it to reflect that, but then got distracted and left it down for too long. many apologies.

The Puck Stops Here said...

Keep your prize. Ask another cake question and if a local wins send them the cake with my compliments.

I like these kinds of questions and cant resist guessing (if I have an educated guess).

As for your lack of traffic. Keep at it and in time you will grow a following. I certainly dont have the biggest blog in the world, but I recall the early days. One Sunday during the lockout my sitemeter showed I had 7 visiters (and 3 of them were me).