Friday, December 01, 2006

11-30-06: Hurricanes 4, Canadiens 2

Deep breath. It’s just one game.

  1. The Hurricanes played like a team that would do anything for a win. Laviolette claims that in his mysterious secret meetings with the team, he just told them to “play hard and have fun.” Yeah, right. My guess is it was something more like, “play hard and have fun, and by the way, I have your wives/girlfriends/mothers/beloved childhood pets suspended over vats of acid with a complex pulley system rigged to lower them 6 inches for every point the other team gets.” I’m still not particularly impressed with Carolina as a group, but whatever their motivation, they brought some serious desire to the game tonight, and all topped with sharp bits of broken glass as well. Not at all happy to see them win, but I can’t say they didn’t earn it, especially Cole, who possibly could have won the thing on his own. Pretty vicious guy, though.
  2. In spite of the loss, there were still some great performances on the Candiens’ end early in the game tonight. The first goal was a thing of beauty, and congratulations to Ryder and Latendresse for it. Koivu helped Huet at a critical moment and stopped it from going to 5 to 2, thank God. Dandenault looked hella good, certainly he impressed the pants off the RDS announcers. The much-maligned second line showed some flashes of true brilliance, and for a while had me thinking that they are actually building that elusive ‘chemistry’. But instead of falling apart in the 2nd period, the Habs decided to mix things up a bit and fall apart in the 3rd. Does this mean I owe Plekanec a cake? No, I think not. Moving the problem isn’t the same thing as solving it.
  3. In the past week, every traditional word and phrase for the description of wonderfulness has been applied to Huet by somebody, and I certainly don’t want to be redundant, so henceforth I’m going to describe him using the first totally unrelated metaphor, simile, or analogy which occurs to me. Cristobal Huet: like the view from the top of the giant Ferris wheel on the edge of the lake at midnight. 44 saves in this one, 16 of which he shouldn’t have had to make, but did anyway because he’s just that nice of a guy. However, his recent fame may be creating its own set of problematics for the team. Granted, this is just my impression, but Carolina looked to be deliberately fucking with Huet as much as possible. Nothing superlatively outrageous, but a couple things that ought to have earned them penalties and didn’t, enough to rattle the Habs, who have good reason to be sensitive about their goaltender. He’s winning their games for them. But it seemed like they let the Hurricanes rattle them into taking some stupid penalties and getting sloppy, which accomplishes nothing. The fact is, they can’t keep playing 75% of the game in their own zone, even if Huet holds at his current level all season.
  4. Okay, it's off-topic, but I just have to ask: Am I the only one who thinks that Samsonov (compare #14 in the series) looks like the guy from Dexter ? Sorry about the links, I’m too lazy to put the actual pictures up here.

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