Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Elsewhere in Hockey Blogistan...

- Habs Inside/Out depresses me by pointing out that, with Kostitsyn sent back down and the first and third lines more or less comfortably situated, the Habs are now left with a gap on the second line and no particularly good options to fill it. My vote: they’ve had better luck with their PK than with the 2nd line this year, why not just leave the gap and play with 4? Saves them the trouble of having to find a way to take a penalty to get to that 5 on 4 situation they seem so fond of. Later news: Plekanec. If you say so, guys.

- On Frozen Blog shows the Vegas odds on the Stanley Cup. My feelings:

o The Sharks? Really?

o Las Vegas evidently has more faith the Sens than Ottawa does.

o If the Devils win, I'll lock myself in a dark room and cry.

o The Penguins are 12/1, Canadiens 15/1. *sigh*

- Hockey Quarterly Review : Nice to see that the Habs are one of only 2 Canadian teams not “underperforming”. Of course, that may mean that they didn’t expect much from us in the first place. Also, why is everyone still surprised that Americans, as a species, don’t like hockey? Hasn’t this been true for approximately the past 100 years? And by the way, as a former resident of one of the places towards the bottom of the attendance list (via Battle of Ontario), if there’s some sort of massive marketing campaign designed to sell people in those cities on hockey, it really blows.

- Covered in Oil incidentally asks if there are any decent Habs or Leafs blogs out there. Answer:

o Habs-centric blogs:

§ Eyes on the Prize

§ Habs Inside/Out

§ Habsblog

§ Les Habitants

§ Sisu Hockey

§ Totally up to you to decide what constitutes ‘decent’. Though as a general observation, I would say the Oilers blogs are more wholeheartedly monogamous then the Habs blogs. We’re whores, we are, or at least a little bit trashy.

o There are probably some decent Leafs blogs, but I don’t know them. Like I’m going to spend my spare time reading about Toronto

- HLOG promises to spend the week profiling captains. I’m loving this blog’s concept- it’s like one-stop shopping for useful and/or trivial information on the teams that don’t get much attention here, or that I’m too lazy to learn anything about on my own. I long to see what they come up with on Koivu...


Sherry said...

Jordi's in charge of introducing the world to Koivu, I'm sure she shan't disappoint.

mike w said...

Aha! The scales have been lifted from my eyes. Nice blog you have here.

Toronto still sucks for blogs though.