Wednesday, November 22, 2006

11-22-06: Canadiens 4, Wild 2

Ah, that magical time of year when Minnesota and Montreal get together to compare Koivus. It’s great to have a year’s worth of bragging rights on that point, because last year the Wild won, but we all know that our Koivu is better. But don’t worry, we here in Montreal like all Koivus on principle, and based on the coverage on RDS, we’re pretty fond of Minnesota as well.

  1. Continuing on that theme, I’m glad they lost, but I still like the Wild. They’ve got a creative, snarky style that does such an interesting job of making opportunities in all sorts of unexpected places. And on a purely objective level, I have to say that I think that their offense looked stronger than Montreal’s tonight.
  2. This struck me as an atypical game for the Habs- loose, chaotic, all over the place. Might be a symptom of all the line-shuffling going on, but the offence was just disorganized, wasting far too many juicy rebounds by having everybody bunched up in the wrong place. And, as is becoming typical, Huet’s brilliance and sheer luck did quite a bit of the work for this win, especially during the Canadiens’ trademarked 2nd period hockey-is-hard-let’s-go-shopping moments.
  3. On the bright side, the defense in general is improving with every game, Kovalev and Samsanov made themselves noticed, and Bonk continues to prove that it is possible to score by sheer force of will. Komisarek wins my eternal gratitude yet again for his own very pretty save, and a totally random empty-net goal (which the Habs seem to be doing a lot of lately- are they practicing?), and just generally playing smart.

All in all, a pretty tense game, but an exciting one. One certain thing: if the Canadiens are going to get their first 3-game winning streak of the season, they’re going to have to bring more than this to Buffalo on Friday. Pray, Diz, if you know how.

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