Thursday, November 02, 2006

11-2-06: Canadiens 4, Hurricanes 0

Just lovely.

The Habs have been a little shakey thus far in the season- not bad, in fact often quite good, but not nearly as good as they could be, like they've been having trouble finding and holding the right rhythm. But this game was beautiful.


1. Everybody's been saying how great Montreal's penalty kill is. It's more than great, it's spooky, a deal-with-the-devil kind of great. I mean, this is a team that sometimes seems like more of an offensive threat when they're down a guy than at full strength. Which is maybe not what you want to build your overall strategy on (and I don't think they are), but still really really cool.

2. Let's all give Koivu a big psychic hug. Last Tuesday he seemed vaguely off his game, I was worried. But that was an awfully pretty goal, and in general some very stylish play.

3. Also, even bigger psychic hug to Huet for a freaking shutout. How great is that? Really great. So great that I can't come up with adequate words to express how great it is.

I don't particularly like Carolina. I don't know why, their play just doesn't impress me. I recognize objectively that they have some very good players, and there is that whole Stanley Cup thing, but I've never particularly enjoyed watching them. Is there such a thing as good and boring? Evidently, yes. (Of course, any Carolina fans who might read this are more then welcome to try to convince me that I'm wrong, but I doubt they'll get very far.)

So in conclusion, the Habs continue to give me reasons to love them, and the 'Canes continue to give me reasons to be indifferent to them.

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