Sunday, November 19, 2006

11-18-06: Canadiens 3, Thrashers 1

Here’s a philosophical question: Assuming you could consciously choose your team of all those available (which we all know you can’t, but let’s pretend), and furthermore assuming that you would be happy every time that team wins and sad every time that team loses, would you ever intentionally chose a team that will alternate winning and losing with near-perfect regularity? No, you wouldn’t, because that’s condemning yourself to a season of massive mood swings. The Habs are officially not just emotionally unstable in and of themselves, but have actually developed the world’s first contagious personality disorder. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to go on Zoloft. Still, a win is a win, and this was a pretty sweet one.

  1. It’s nice to see that the Habs finally found a team that shares their love of penalties. I think these two should start getting together in their spare time to practice weird configurations of hockey- why stop at just 3 on 3? Think of the possibilities- 4 on 2, 6 on 1, 15 on 9. Sure it wouldn’t work in a standard game, but clearly both of these teams long to transcend the conventions of the medium and discover new and uncharted realms of hockey art.
  2. Do the Thrashers ever get tired? Not all of their lines are equally strong (well, come on, how could they be?), but they’ve all got incredible energy. Given the number of teams running around with chronic 3rd-period fatigue syndrome, it’s getting pretty impressive to see a team start fast and stay fast throughout.
  3. Honestly, I’m proud of the Canadiens for this one. True, they’ve established a metronome-like pattern of never losing twice consecutively (because, see, they’re manic-depressive, not just depressed), but Atlanta brought a smarter, more aggressive offense to this game than most previous opponents. Even a little wave of mild philosophical speculation- to say nothing of 10 minutes of Cartesian crisis- could have been disastrous. But the Habs pulled off an equally energetic, spikey kind of defense that didn’t give anything away too easy. Good at catching rebounds, intercepting passes, and just generally being irritating. Also, several really lovely breakaways that should have turned into something more (why didn’t they? hmmm…).
  4. Specifics? Bonk put in a particularly strong all-around game, and yeah, the empty-netter didn’t hurt either. The defensemen all looked hella good, although Dandenault seemed like he was hurting by the end, which is worrisome. Obvious congratulations due to both Ryder and Perezhogin, for, you know, winning the game and doing it with some character. The second line still gives off that “I’m sorry, have we met before?” kinda vibe, not sure what to do about that, but every other Habs fan in the world has a suggestion, so ask around. Huet: Wow. If you see this guy between now and Wednesday, just give him whatever he wants (and a hug).

I saw that both Minnesota and Buffalo lost tonight (and by the way, what’s up Ottawa?). If the pattern holds, Les Habitants will beat one but not both of these guys in the coming week. Watch for it.

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