Thursday, November 16, 2006

11-16-06: Panthers 5, Canadiens 1

What to say? It was kind of a sad game. I believe they tried, I really do. They worked hard. That and $2 will get you a Gordita® to bring back to Higgins.

  1. Poor Aebischer. Guy looked ultra tense from the beginning, and probably ain’t feeling much better now. Just for the record, I still like him. Yeah, he’s been playing below the standards he set for himself earlier in the season, but Komisarek was right, it wasn’t even close to entirely his fault in Toronto, and it wasn’t tonight either.
  2. I suppose I can partially blame it on the extended road trip and two back-to-back games. The Canadiens did look tired, and it showed most in their coordination. They played the whole game just one beat too slow, like they constantly needed just an extra moment to think about what to do next. It may be a point in their favor that they managed to keep up in terms of raw speed, but the timing just wasn’t there. The Panthers got into a nice little groove, the Habs never quite consolidated any particular style.
  3. Still, it’s distressing to see another game end up 5-1. It starts to look like defeatism, like they just shrug and say, “Well, if we’re going to lose, might as well lose huge.” Maybe I’m an idiot, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I just want them to get angry, get frantic, get desperate, something. If you’re down 4-1 anyway, why play the 3rd as if you’re just waiting out the clock? Granted, maybe that’s what you do if you’re tired and frustrated and just want to get the hell out of Florida, but still, for a team that’s capable of being so interesting, it’s a shame to see them get all conservative. A game like this almost makes me think I’m hallucinating all the potential loveliness I think I see in these guys- maybe they aren’t the team I think they are, maybe it’s all in my head, maybe my attention is misplaced.
  4. Okay, so I don’t really believe that. I believe they had a bad night, I believe they’ll bounce back like they always do; I believe that before the season is out they will win 3+ in a row. I believe eventually they will find their rhythm and keep it. I believe they will make the playoffs. I believe they will play a truly beautiful game at least once before April. I believe that I care about this far too much. It is only a game, and part of playing any game is losing, and compared to the kind of losing some of my fellow fans of other teams have endured this year, I have no right to complain.

Come home, ahbabi.

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