Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11-13-06: Canadiens 6, Senators 3

Verdict: With a little effort (and maybe a little Zoloft), mood swings can be controlled, but the restless spirit of Anck Su Namun ain’t so easy to get rid of.

  1. True to form, Montreal followed up a disappointing game with a great game. Maybe life is meaningless, maybe God is dead, but hockey is still fun if you just show up and play. And really, they play so gorgeous when they try, all these fast, slightly chaotic little moves that miraculously resolve themselves into holy shit I can’t believe that worked.
  2. Specifics?
    1. Praise be to Komisarek for maintaining what is rapidly becoming a proud local tradition of scoring on the PK. If the Habs are going to keep taking this many penalties, at least they can keep making their opponents nervous about it.
    2. I feel rotten, actually, for not mentioning Johnson and Bonk enough, because now it seems like I’m being lame and only mentioning them because they scored, but in my defense, what with my whole fascination with teams, I don’t talk about specifics that much. Anyway, these guys work so damn hard, even in those games when the team as a whole has virtually no energy, and it’s always wonderful when that shows up in the official numbers.
    3. Latendresse was at least 5 different sorts of lovely, not just because of the 2 goals (less than a minute apart- not sure what that means, but probably it means something), but because he really made himself a presence in the game- more attentive, more self-controlled. Nice.
    4. There were many other things (and players) that were comment-worthy, but I’m going to stop here, because I don’t want to max out my fawning adulation quota for the month quite yet.
  3. Okay, so the penalties are still a huge problem. All I want for Christmas is one game where the Habs never have two simultaneous penalties against them. Is that too much to ask? I hate this 5 on 3 shit. It’s too stressful.
  4. The Sens, impressively, did not go home after the 2nd period and send their little sisters to play the rest of the game. In fact, they made a pretty strong comeback effort. Not good enough, of course, but hey, you’d be a little off too if your locker room was infested with carnivorous scarab beetles.

Les Habitants, ahbabi, please, please, please, take your meds or do your yoga or rent some old Marx Brothers movies (or Francophone equivalent) or whatever it is y’all do to stay stable, because we’ve come to know you in the past few weeks, and you do have a tendency to swing back and forth like one of those giant boat rides they have at neighborhood carnivals. At least stay off the Camus for a few weeks.

[P.S.: I mean no disrespect to the Senators’ little sisters, in fact, given the apparent tendency of some families to breed talented hockey players in quantity, some of them probably have younger sisters who could do quite well in the 3rd period of an NHL game. Who knows? That might actually be a strategy worth trying one of these days- with some serious shoulder pads and a strong enough family resemblance, it could work.]

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